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Why Origin, why?!

I have a huge urge to play The Sims 3 since yesterday afternoon.  I wish I didn’t see my coworker playing The Sims on her iPhone during lunch time.  She got me thinking how I used to love playing The Sims when it first came out.  I bet the new versions are way more fun than back then.  I’ve been thinking about the game all day at work, I got excited and couldn’t wait until I could come home and order it online.  Long story short, I was unsuccessful on purchasing my game tonight! *sobs*  I blame it all on Origin.  You have now killed my urge.  Even playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook isn’t cheering me up.  *sighs*  I sound such a loser. LOL


What supposed to be only $49.99 became $119.97.

Please fix your bug asap ORIGIN! orz

<3 Donut (”’ T_T)v

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