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Listening To: Seo In Young – Write Love, Call It Pain


If you haven’t heard of Seo In Young’s “Write Love, Call It Pain” then you must click on the above link and check it out! <3 That got to be one of my favourite song from her. Plus I really love the outfits she wore in the music video (minus the outfit where she is singing in the car/rain).

I often get a lot of spams in the comment box below, and I guess I shouldn’t be surprise that I got a spam for my 1st blog entry either. The spam I got for that first post was so hilarious, I thought I should share it with you.

All I can say is… please write more. Oh My God, it seems as though I watched a video instead of reading an article…it’s so clear. You hole heartedly know what you’re talking about. My thought was, why waste your writing skills on blog articles when you could be publishing books? Think about it. You’re awesome at what you do. WORD!

What can I say, the 9 lines I typed must be mind blowing enough so that the “computer” spam thinks I should publish a book! HAHA Ok spammer, I’ll think about publishing a book since you have such high hopes for me. :) Oh silly spams.

<3 Donut (”’ ._.)v

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