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I hate waiting for packages, makes me all nervous on edge. Especially since I’ve been stalking the Canada Post site and one of my packages looks like is stuck in customs (going to pay a lot of customs fees on that one no doubt >.>;;) and the other one is just waiting to be processed, how long does it take to process out of a sorting centre??? So in the mean, I’m going to write about swagbucks.

I started out with asking canadians and some other site I don’t remember to earn hbc points and airmiles, but then I discovered swagbucks! Once I realized gambling away my points in their swagstakes was the stupidest thing a person can do, I started earning quite a bit of amazon gift cards (their best prize in terms of bang for the swagbuck ;)). I’m at $50 worth right now which is pretty good considering I only search using their search tool, vote in the daily pool and click their their NOSO ads.

Join now and earn away!

~moldysquash (”’¬.¬)o

All Done!

Good news all around, school is le completed!!!! No more, EVER AGAIN! muahahahahha

The first batch of random things I ordred while stressing has finally arrived too. I’m going to do a review of a series of online shops that sell materials that can be used in sweets decoden.

First up is JBox! Here’s a picture of the stuff I ordered:


I ordered some clay sets, it came all snuggly fit in a box. The box took some beating but everything inside came in perfect condition. I’m surprised because the clay sets come in somewhat flimsy cardboard boxes but they came in perfect condition with no dents or anything.

Shipping took a while because I chose SAL (yes, I’m cheap plus and I wouldn’t have done anything with the stuff while I was cramming for exams anyways). So order early if you want to save money! I ordered March 23rd, it shipped on March 26th and arrived on April 13th. Which isn’t as bad as I imagined for SAL.

Overall, I’m happy, I was just surprised that there was nothing but the items I ordered in the box. Not even a bill or a business card. I will probably order again, need to use my points I earned from this order (there’s a customer loyalty program in place).

Time to de-dust my room so I can start deco-ing!

~moldysquash (”’¬.¬)o

Taxing Ourselves

Because writing about school is way more fun that actually doing homework, here I am procrastinating :)

First off, you know you’re in the wrong program when you carry around an Income Tax Act the size of a phone book and start referring to it as the “Bible”. Not to mention, you start reading books with pictures of people passed out on the cover:


Taxing Ourselves indeed…

Only one more month to go!

~moldysquash (”’¬.¬)o

Silly spam

Listening To: Seo In Young – Write Love, Call It Pain


If you haven’t heard of Seo In Young’s “Write Love, Call It Pain” then you must click on the above link and check it out! <3 That got to be one of my favourite song from her. Plus I really love the outfits she wore in the music video (minus the outfit where she is singing in the car/rain).

I often get a lot of spams in the comment box below, and I guess I shouldn’t be surprise that I got a spam for my 1st blog entry either. The spam I got for that first post was so hilarious, I thought I should share it with you.

All I can say is… please write more. Oh My God, it seems as though I watched a video instead of reading an article…it’s so clear. You hole heartedly know what you’re talking about. My thought was, why waste your writing skills on blog articles when you could be publishing books? Think about it. You’re awesome at what you do. WORD!

What can I say, the 9 lines I typed must be mind blowing enough so that the “computer” spam thinks I should publish a book! HAHA Ok spammer, I’ll think about publishing a book since you have such high hopes for me. :) Oh silly spams.

<3 Donut (”’ ._.)v

Hello :)

Listening To: 郁可唯 – 指望


I never know what to say on the first post.
So ahh…

Hello :)
Happy Thanksgiving Day!
I’m Donut. :P
Thanks for dropping by our blog of randomness.


<3 Donut (”’ ._.)v

P.S. I can’t believe moldysquash haven’t touch the blog since 2009. =.=;

Hero Chicken Angel

It’s always a good idea to start off a new blog with a post from an old one!

I came across this in my livejournal and couldn’t help but bring it back up again:

Over the years, TVXQ has had some funky outfits/photoshoots but I this takes the cake. Even the Balloons era made more sense than the above. What the heck were they thinking??? Though in light of recent events, I guess this will bring a smile to fans’ faces (and maybe the urge to get some KFC). Hopefully, everything will be settled soon and we can go back to admiring the boys in ridiculous outfits XD