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Decoden Whipped Cream

The thought of using silicone for my decoden projects scare the heck out of me so I set off on a quest to make my own or at least find another suitable medium.

First off, you can buy clay whipped cream, some brands come with tips and are ready to use which is awesome like fuwa fuwa, decollage, etc, but the problem is they’re crazily expensive.

So next, I tried modeling paste. I got two brands, Golden and Tri-art:

– Tri-art has the perfect colour, it dries completely snow white and I love the texture. It dries a bit “sharper” as in the peaks hold shape extremely well. However, it shrinks like a *beep beep*. I was so sad when I saw how it dried. It’s honestly completely unusable if you need a thick layer or want to make a larger piece because of how much it shrinks. It should be fine if you’re using a thin layer to cover say a box or a flat surface.

_ Golden has a nice, creamy look, doesn’t shrink and dries faster than Tri-art, but it’s got a grey tint. Why??? It’s more than twice the price of Tri-art too. I’m going to try to add colour to it and hopefully it’ll be usable.

So moving on, I tried making whipped cream out of paper clay and glue. That didn’t turn out too well as the cream turned out lumpy (I could still see the paper fibres) and adding modelling paste to the mixture didn’t help :( Maybe I’m just using the wrong brand of clay, I’m going to give it another try with Hearty, Modena, and maybe even Sculpey if I get desperate – but I don’t want to bake >.<;;. If anyone has suggestions or would like reviews of other brands of clay, feel free to leave a comment. I also have Grace and Arista on hand.

Anyways, onwards with experimenting and a crappy picture cuz I'm too lazy to break out my SLR:

~moldysquash (”’¬.¬)o

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