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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Lately, I’ve been addicted to this game called Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Plays similarly to Phoenix Wright with a more dynamic system for their Trial mode. There’s been a release on the PSP and I finished it in one week! Anyway, that wasn’t really the point of this post…

After seeing Moldy’s newly acquired Nendoroids, I had to see if there was a Monokuma Nendoroid and lo and behold!



But it’s sold out everywhere! Why are all the interesting goodies released at the most random times? The anime adaptation is out now and not 5 months ago!



I did manage to get one new figure in the meantime, this is Charlotte from Infinite Stratos. The pose was too cute and the price very hard to resist… she was only 4,500 yen!

Other than that, we’ve been working pretty hard at sewing poops and other things for FanExpo! We can be productive if we put our minds to it!

Next will hopefully be a post about our trip to Evolution last year and all the goodies we got from it. Now that it’s out there, we cannot escape making a post about it.

~sponge (”’@_@)v (with a haircut)

Why Origin, why?!

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

I have a huge urge to play The Sims 3 since yesterday afternoon.  I wish I didn’t see my coworker playing The Sims on her iPhone during lunch time.  She got me thinking how I used to love playing The Sims when it first came out.  I bet the new versions are way more fun than back then.  I’ve been thinking about the game all day at work, I got excited and couldn’t wait until I could come home and order it online.  Long story short, I was unsuccessful on purchasing my game tonight! *sobs*  I blame it all on Origin.  You have now killed my urge.  Even playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook isn’t cheering me up.  *sighs*  I sound such a loser. LOL


What supposed to be only $49.99 became $119.97.

Please fix your bug asap ORIGIN! orz

<3 Donut (”’ T_T)v

Last Minute, No Power, FML

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Listening To: Etsuko Nishio – Don’t Make Me Wild Like You

Yes, I am listening to Ranma 1/2’s opening theme song for Season 1. Gosh I love that anime, I really wish I got my hands on the rest of the series. My friend only managed to get at least 3 Seasons of that show. So sad T_T

As you all know, if you read the last blog entry, we are going to be at the Craft’s Corner @ Anime North 2012 this year! :) I’ve been meeting up with moldysquash and our other partner in crime at her house crafting every weekend last year, but then winter came and everyone got super busy, until recently we started to meet up a bit more because Anime North is around the corner and some of us haven’t been able to craft as much as we expected (point at self orz). SO! I decided, I’m going to bring all the fabric and other materials back home and craft there! I told and promised moldysquash that I’ll make so and so amount of plushies because I have a sewing machine and it’s faster than her hand sewing it (props for hand sewing (”’¬.¬)o). Honestly, I haven’t touched my sewing machine in years! I’m not even sure where it is in the house but thank god Mom was able to find the machine for me. After the machine was found, I didn’t work on the crafting right away, I’ve been pulling off crafting because I was over exhausted working full time and part time at the same time and I just wanted to rest and do nothing. Anyways I ended up crafting last minute, when I mean last minute, I meant I have to meet my quota by the very next day because I will be meeting up with moldysquash and our other partner in crime. Truthfully, I wasn’t too worried about not getting everything done as said because I do have my trusty sewing machine…or at least that’s what I thought. I opened the dusty box and took the sewing machine out and put it on the table. It took me 5 seconds to realized something wasn’t right. WHERE ON THE EARTH IS THE POWER CORD?! That’s when I started to worry about not being about to meet my quota. Mom also have no idea where it is, therefore the sewing machine was HOPELESS. T___T; Not to fret! I could at least cut all the patterns right? =.= FAIL! The scissor I had, which I thought would be tough enough to cut the fabric, is poop! It took me forever to cut the patterns. So I totally gave up and told moldysquash about what happen. So girls and boys, do not do things last minute! >.> Save yourself from embarrassment! orz

Here’s a teaser of what we will be selling tomorrow ;)

moldysquash and I will be cosplaying on Saturday and Sunday, please come visit us and guess who we are dressed up as! :D

<3 Donut (”’ ._.)v

A Little of Everything

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Got a computer virus a few days ago, spent many hours backing up files, formatting, etc, etc. Ugh! And my computer is still not reconfigured the way I like, why did you take away my old style start menu??? >.>;;

But on the same day, I received my order from modes4u which cheered me up a little. It took about 8 days which isn’t too bad and I did manage to dodge the customs fees bullet :D The items weren’t packed as well as I though it would be, just came in a plastic bag and a paper envelope but nothing was damaged so it’s all good.

Now I have all my materials I can start making stuff :D Which I need to find motivation for because of Mickey Yoochun and Rooftop Prince, I’m absolutely addicted to this drama right now. I kind of wished I started it after it was completed, I hate waiting for each week for new episodes ;_________;

~moldysquash (”’¬.¬)o

Taxing Ourselves

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Because writing about school is way more fun that actually doing homework, here I am procrastinating :)

First off, you know you’re in the wrong program when you carry around an Income Tax Act the size of a phone book and start referring to it as the “Bible”. Not to mention, you start reading books with pictures of people passed out on the cover:


Taxing Ourselves indeed…

Only one more month to go!

~moldysquash (”’¬.¬)o

Hero Chicken Angel

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

It’s always a good idea to start off a new blog with a post from an old one!

I came across this in my livejournal and couldn’t help but bring it back up again:

Over the years, TVXQ has had some funky outfits/photoshoots but I this takes the cake. Even the Balloons era made more sense than the above. What the heck were they thinking??? Though in light of recent events, I guess this will bring a smile to fans’ faces (and maybe the urge to get some KFC). Hopefully, everything will be settled soon and we can go back to admiring the boys in ridiculous outfits XD