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Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Listening To: BigBang – Monster

Ever since GDragon’s teaser picture for the music video Monster came out (the picture on the left), I have been using it as a wallpaper on my phone. It’s so beautiful!

I’m so excited that BigBang finally released their new song and music video Monster! Did you check it out yet? What do you think of it?

Before I got the chance to read up on the lyrics, I feel frustration and sadness in the song. *sobs*

After I read the lyrics, I understand why I felt sad and frustrated. That’s how well I think GD and PK composed the song. The melody alone is so haunting beautiful and sad. T_T The lyrics is also very meaningful and it fit perfectly with the melody that was compose for it. GD sure did it again! <3

Everyone may look at me with judging eyes,
but what really hurts is the fact that you have become a part of that “everyone”.
Lyrics Translation Credit:

Even if you weren’t a monster to begin with, those who you loved can turn you into a monster.

<3 Donut (”’ ._.)v