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Whacking Day!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Oh Whacking Day, Oh Whacking Day~~~

Finally, updates that fixed the xp bar issue, woo! This game is way too addictive and the new ability for android users to connect through origin is not helping. And in the spirit of sharing, I’ve love to drop off some eggs to some new friends. Just add me as a friend on Simpsons Tapped Out (moldysquash) and I’ll drop off 50 snake eggs in your town! If you’re already on my friendlist, just leave me a comment here and I’ll give your town a visit with 50 eggs also :)

Just when I was typing about how they fixed the xp glitch, all my brown houses turned into try n saves, what in the world???

~moldysquash (”’¬.¬)v

Simpsons Tapped Out

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

I have fallen pray to the life ruining fun game! Finally, Whacking Day is here!!! The first big special event for android users :D :D But I was so mad when I accidentally used 5 donuts to “speed up” the adding friends task. Not only did I use the 5 but I lost the opportunity to get one more for adding a friend. What a silly system, thank god they added the confirm donut button. Too bad it was too late for me. For all those new to origin, don’t click the donuts!!

Also, feel free to add me as your friend: moldysquash

I play way too much for my own good.

~moldysquash (”’¬.¬)v

Why Origin, why?!

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

I have a huge urge to play The Sims 3 since yesterday afternoon.  I wish I didn’t see my coworker playing The Sims on her iPhone during lunch time.  She got me thinking how I used to love playing The Sims when it first came out.  I bet the new versions are way more fun than back then.  I’ve been thinking about the game all day at work, I got excited and couldn’t wait until I could come home and order it online.  Long story short, I was unsuccessful on purchasing my game tonight! *sobs*  I blame it all on Origin.  You have now killed my urge.  Even playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook isn’t cheering me up.  *sighs*  I sound such a loser. LOL


What supposed to be only $49.99 became $119.97.

Please fix your bug asap ORIGIN! orz

<3 Donut (”’ T_T)v